Ayesha Jones

I have been obsessed with astrology long before I even understood what it was. It wasn't until 2012 that I realised that I was more than just an Aries (my sun sign) and that each sign and each planet resided somewhere in my birth chart. They are all working together!? I learnt that I was a Libra rising and suddenly things made so much more sense! I never fully bought into the loud and proud Aries archetype anyway. The people-pleasing beauty addict that is Libra was far more relatable. Then I found out that I have a moon in Scorpio and a Mercury in Taurus!?!?! What is all of this!?!? Since then my obsession has been getting deeper. My Scorpio moon does not let me rest until it is all figured out and my Mercury in the 8th house Taurus means when I study anything to do with the occult I go in deep and you can't get me out! 


I am currently part of Raquel Springs astrology mentorship program and I have started helping other people to understand who they have come here to be and how to navigate their unique evolution process. 


Since graduating from a Dogon mystery school in 2016 I have learned about the power of the occult sciences, first hand. It wasn't the blissfully serene retreat you expect when searching for spiritual enlightenment, in fact it was the hardest and most devastating time of my life. My whole sense of reality was aggressively shaken up. However, through all of these challenges, I have found my way back to myself and cultivated a strength that would not have been possible without going through the fire. Astrology was the main system that helped me to make sense of why those challenges came into my life and what I needed to do to heal the psychological and spiritual wounds. I am now drawn to assisting other people that are on that journey back to themselves.


One of the most valuable pieces of information I learned during my initiation was that; in order to be a spiritual person you need to know where you are standing in time and space, astrology shows you just that. Astrology has been a key component in helping me to understand the identity I was born into and how to navigate the ever-progressing cycles of nature. Astrology helps me to work with nature rather than against it. When you are in your flow, things happen effortlessly for you. Astrology is one of the many systems that can help you to understand who you are, where you are going and how to get there.

If you would like me to coach you through your own unique blueprint, then I would love to hear from you....

In loving service,

Ayesha x

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